Visual Art

Bronislava Volková as a visual artist is mainly self-taught. She studied technique of collage with Jenny Kander and book binding as well as other visual techniques with Pygmalion in Bloomington, IN. Shrsz_akademie2014e combines collages with her poetry since 2000 and publishes them in her bilingual limited editions of poetry in hand-bound books. For this purpose, she has created her own publishing house Explorer Editions. She offers her collages and other visual work also through exhibits in Europe and America, as well as in the form of projections during her poetry readings and multimedia performances she directs. Her collage work is experimental and indanceKipMay_2003dependent of verbal texts, however, some collages are on the contrary, closely connected with it. Her visual work is often postmodern, commenting on other artists, on social and philosophical problems, especially contrasting nature and society, dark and light visions of the world and creating imaginary countryside. Her collages also explore various materials and physical dimensions.

OutOfDarkness-Lotus group




List of Collage Exhibits, Projections and Publications