Samples of Poetry

And the foliage falls and the loneliness of roofs
shines in the September sun.
Poetic little corners over flown by time
tremble from shyness
and from fear of hoarfrost.
And the mouths of organized cars
glare against the houses.
Fibers of mornings swinging in the blue calm
hang in the air.
Souls full of holes
restlessly toss about in the rooms
and swallow the oxygen of words,
whose freeing breath – like opium –
lasts only briefly.

(from: Air without Heels)

Before my birth
At the police station twenty four hours
they want to gas her like all the others
she runs
she is frightened and she cannot believe
dogs hunt her
she is
even though
she tries to forget
when everybody
perished by an unheard of death
is here in this darkness
I wait in horror
for the end
without her
condemned to death
even before my birth
I will not after all let her die alone
not her
She is mine
in a safe world
Even before my birth
I am whiter than paper…

(from: The Vulnerability of the Earth)

This is my home

my mountain
my ticket
This is my stunning game
my gamble
my brief
respite my thief
of heart
my love long lost
my solitude in freedom
my tree of life
my cradle, castle, stain.
This is my shame
my despair
my dream.
This is my last
lucid scream.

(from: Transformations)

When we finally become
the love that we truly are –
we are infinity:
ever creating – ever created
ever transcendent
ever reaching for otherness
in sameness
we are
a boundless universe.
Like water
like a gentle flowing dance
we are a drop of heaven
for those of us willing to drink.

(from: Entering Light)


I am the spirit of the universe.
I am with the bird in his dying hour
when he becomes nothing after he has been all,
when he becomes a drop in the sea after he has been a vessel of water
when he becomes a grain of dust after he has been the vision of a flight
when he becomes a gulp of air after he stopped breathing
after the candle of uniqueness went out in him
and he became a spark of universal fire.
In this unfathomable moment
when a little anxiety becomes great freedom
after he lost all and became all
in the moment of pain and fear, in the unconsciousness
am I soothingly and compassionately there for him.

(from: Born out of Darkness)