Dr. Bronislava Volková, Reiki, Omega and Helix teacher, CMT, MMs,

has performed energy healings on both sides of the Atlantic for over twenty years. She has been especially successful with pain relief, depression and anxiety relief, headaches and arthritis, as well as animal healing.

She has also been teaching energy work and initiating people into all degrees of Reiki, first degree Helix energies and providing other modalities. She has a large following in the Czech Republic.

A Reiki Master since 1995, her energy journey has started in the Spring of 1990, when she was initiated into 1st degree Omega in Bloomington, IN. Eventually, she has reached 5th degree Omega, Helix I Teacher degree and has studied many more Omega techniques. Her classes are typically small and individualised, so that energy can be duly processed and attended to. During her healings, she uses a variety of energies, as well as spiritual or psychological counselling or physical approach (she has been certified as a CMT in 2002), depending on the client’s need and affinity.

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