A thimble of light
in the twilight of the heart
thaws toward awakening

the sea recallsThings

All that surrounds us
is like a flower – fragile and quiet.
Sometimes it glows and other times
it is barely visible.
Sometimes it seems it outlasts ages –
other times it quickly withers and slips
into invisibility.
We have nothing. We are only observers,
witnesses to miracles.

An invitation to be

for a second -– for a moment filled with hope.
For the seeing of what we are blind to
for hearing a child’s voice on our knee
for sleeping deep and without remorse
till the dawn, in which all abandons us
and all accepts us.


Time walked away. Eternity is complete,

and with a warm touch, it kisses its waves.
We are the sea that doesn’t wait
and doesn’t spend itself carelessly in dreaming.
Dreams are now acts that have sprung to life.
is the gate into the places of happiness and peace
where loneliness is not.