From reviews and commentaries about Volková

From reviews and commentaries about Volková

“Bronislava Volková is considered among the Czech exile community and its writers – of whom I am one – one of the most distinguished and important Czech poets living today. Her images, the dream-like quality in her writing, and the love for humanity expressed in her poetry mark an original voice, and as her latest book shows, she is maturing from a talent into a master.”

Arnošt Lustig, Washington, 1985

The subtle poetry of Volková moves us with its shimmering light of intimate warmth. It is impossible not to hear how it pours itself against the crawling night, searching for the always disappearing sun on our account; that is the sun for the conjuring away of the night. This is a poetry light as a dream. It would almost seem, that it is only a dream.

Marián Hatala, Bratislava, Dotyky, 1991

We are lucky to have a new talent come to us in the words we use every day. The newness is clearer when – as in the case of these poems by a Czech woman – the talent speaks to us from a language, culture, and tradition that most of us are just beginning to know. The sensibility formed by them speaks in these poems with remarkable freshness, vividness and originality, and its subject is the life we share.

W.S. Merwin, New York, 1993

“Bronislava Volková is an important and outstanding representative of Czech exile poetry before and after November, even though after the fall of the totalitarian system in former Czechoslovakia, such a differentiation of literature is only the expression of historical and evolutionary point of view, not a value-oriented one. The literature of prose writers, poets and playwrights living outside the territory of Czech Republic gradually got integrated into Czech national literature and became a legitimate part of it. Such highly successful integration, according to my opinion, occurred also with the poetry of Bronislava Volková.”

Igor Hochel, PEN, Bratislava, 2004

“It is charming how all the mystery of the lyrical work of B. Volková besieges you from intuitive interpretations to that raging of dialectical vibrations, to that ballet movement of semiotics, to the heavy stamping of matter-of-factness. Today’s literary criticism often neglects books that are not exhibitionstic in a literary sense. However, the evolution happens when the poet gives all, when she risks even her existence and carries her work through the chaos, when she articulates that which the person of the end of the twentieth and the beginning of our century has no word for. This is the case of Bronislava Volková. While the contemporary fashionable and chaotic deliria often have the effect of the “šaratice” (mineral water with laxative effect), the lyrical work of Volková is pellucid, complicatedly simple. She journeys with those searching and accompanies the seekers.

B.V. is a poet to whom the Czech literary criticism owes a great debt. It is all very simple and very complicated. But I know that if we did not have the work of B.V., we would be poorer. I want to say that the poems of B.V. are a part of modern Czech lyrical poetry.”

Josef Hrubý, PEN, Prague, 2004